About Kompas

What is Kompas?

A few things, actually.

  1. First of all, it’s the hair product line countless friends have asked me to sell over the years.
  2. The blog I want to use to post extremely science heavy reviews for those whose curiosity about beauty products can’t be quenched with most content on the web
  3. A place where I can link any and all content I post all across the web, including updates on my business, my hair progress, my learnings whether it be from school or otherwise, my skincare struggles, my copious tips on makeup….. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information my brain holds
  4. The actual concrete SOMETHING that I’ve felt a need to produce after internalizing insane amounts of information about beauty products

To be fair, there’s not much you can really see and that makes sense. I haven’t put it down yet. But it will come along, worry not.